Final Reflection

As this semester comes to a close I can honestly say that this class has been one of the most enlightening and useful classes I have taken thus far on my journey to be a Special Educator. Each class we have taken has contributed something to our teaching ‘arsenal’, but this class accomplished 3 very critical things for me:  1) It made me very comfortable with the use of a blog and provided me with many examples posted by other teachers.  I now feel confident that this is a valuable classroom tool for many reasons and I definitely plan to have a class blog of my own when I become a teacher, 2) It made me comfortable with utilizing technology in general.  This was a huge step for a 42-year-old who has had very little prior experience with the cyber world!  Thanks to the necessity of navigating the web to complete our assignments, I now feel comfortable enough with the process to continue utilizing it for the benefit of my own classroom, and 3) Throughout my extensive internet browsing to locate materials needed to complete our assignments, I discovered a HUGE amount of incredible information out there.  There are too many valuable resources to list, but some of my favorites were ReadWriteThink, Thinkfinity, ReadingQuest, and of course Learn NC.  I love these sites due to their breadth of resources and their the fact that they have a great deal of ideas for reading and writing lessons. It was also great being able to see sample lessons with align with NCSCOS objectives.  In general, I could not believe the vast array of invaluable resources we have at our disposal today.  We can access materials, ideas, lessons, and resources to incorporate in our classroom that would have been unimaginable to teachers in the past!  We are quick to blame (myself included) the mundane teaching methods of teachers from our youth.  Well, perhaps they would have been able to create more dynamic and engaging lessons if they had the amazing wealth of information and resources available to them that we do today.  Educators of today and tomorrow have no excuse. We have the benefit of accessing tools and research contributed by others from all around the globe.  Thank you, Ms. Deal, for opening my eyes to this exciting new world!

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